Endeavor 21+ offers educational, vocational, and life skills opportunities in a safe, diverse, and intergenerational community. Endeavor 21+ participants have access to a truly integrated community where the elderly, neurotypical individuals, and the developmentally disabled embrace the opportunity to live, work, and thrive together in an established working community. As an example, our friends on campus at the Fellowship Community provide opportunities for Endeavor 21+ participants to work and care for the Senior Residents of The Fellowship. Endeavor 21+ workers and participants share meals and activities with the Seniors in addition to assisting in caring for their daily needs.

With a foundation in Waldorf education, each participant’s programming is individually tailored to provide activities that build skills and further their interests and passions. Programing consists of five Core Components:

  • Vocational

  • Educational

  • Service

  • Arts

  • Health

Endeavor 21+ classes are structured so that individuals of all abilities are able to participate. Each class is led by an instructor trained in that particular discipline. Interdependence is the ultimate goal. Individuals of ALL abilities are welcome including those with no diagnosis. Endeavor 21+ programming is open to the Threefold Community and the general public.

Programing, Work, and Volunteering

There are a variety of programming, volunteer, and work opportunities on the Threefold Campus. Endeavor21+ participants will have the opportunity to be involved in designing their own programming. Programming will include therapeutic modalities, educational, and life skills classes, centered around the unique needs of each individual participant. Work readiness and job training classes will be rooted in the foundation of Waldorf pedagogy and practical skills that support independence. The different work sites provide social settings where participants can experience working side by side with their peers, guided by master craftsmen, farmers, health care professionals, and educators. Endeavor21+ programs include:

Culinary Arts  There are several kitchen and bakery opportunities that Endeavor21+ participants can be involved in. These include: 

  • Threefold Café, offering true Farm to Table meals;

  • The Fellowship Community kitchen, dining room, and bakery;

  • The Hand and Hoe, a retail outlet where hand made goods and food from the Fellowship Community are sold to local residents

  • YA Delectable Delights – baking for heath program

Each of these worksites leverages the Threefold biodynamic farm. We have modules of programming that begin with basic ADL cooking skills and can progress to working independently in a professional kitchen on or even beyond the Threefold Campus. 

Farm and Gardens   The Agriculture programming at Threefold is quite extensive. These programs and work opportunities include:

  • The Fellowship Community - Duryea Farm

  • The Pfeiffer Center for Biodynamic Training

  • The Outdoor Education program

  • The Greenhouse Program

  • The Medicinal Garden program

The farms and gardens provide biodynamic produce for the Threefold Community, and the wider community of Rockland county. Plants and herbs are also used to make healing products that -- in addition to some of the produce -- is sold at local stores in the local area. 

Animal Care  Participants actualize the importance that animals play in the life of the farm and in the fabric of the community.

  • Cows, sheep, and chickens are raised responsibly on the Duryea Farm, and they provide dairy products and eggs for the entire Threefold Community used in the kitchens and bakeries.

  • The Equine is an assisted equine therapy program at the Duryea Farm that provides opportunities to care for the horses and learn about horses from the Equine Therapist/Instructor. Participants work to integrate the horses with the other farm animals and rotate the grazing in harmony with the fields that are being cultivated.

Weavery/Handwork Program Using wool from the Community sheep and dyes made from the community plants, participants work with master weavers to create beautiful craft and clothing items that are sold in local shops and fairs on and off campus. 

Carpentry/Woodshop   In the two active woodshops, Participants learn the craft of woodworking from master carpenters. Starting with basic skill building, they learn how to create functional and artistically rendered furniture, utensils, toys, candle and crystal holders, carved bowls and more. Wooden items in the community are repaired in the woodshop, and items made are sold at local shops and fairs. Some of the woodworking products are sold and shipped nationwide. 

Blacksmith/Metal Shop  The metal works program includes the basics of farriership as well as making and repairing metal items for the community. 

Retail Management The Community has several different retail initiatives:

  • Two cafes/restaurants open to the public:

    • The Threefold Cafe

    • Hand and Hoe, a cafe and retail store where food and crafts can be purchased.

  • Hungry Hollow Coop serves prepared food to go and sells organic groceries.

There are many levels of opportunity between these community establishments for training in the various aspects of retail /restaurant management. Modules of study include the practical work aspects of these worksites as well as the opportunity to take on managerial responsibility through apprenticeships and internships. 

Candle Shop The Fellowship Community has an active Candle Dipping shop that produces beeswax and paraffin candles of different shapes, sizes, and colors. The candles are used in the community and sold in the locally and nationwide.

Publishing/ Printing Press  Mercury Press is an active publishing company that publishes works related to the work of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.  The press is also involved in creating main lesson books for Waldorf Schools as well as publishing independent projects. Participants have the opportunity to work in the press creating cards, posters, books for the program and community. Internships and apprenticeships are also available for those interested in this work area.

Health Care Training The Fellowship Community provides care for the elderly members including end of life care. This setting provides many levels of training opportunities from learning basic hygiene skills and social/emotional care to more complex clinical care. The intergenerational component of this program is particularly engaging from a social perspective as Endeavor 21+ participants can work and learn alongside experienced nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Educational Assistants Participants have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from educators at both Otto Specht and Green Meadow schools to provide teaching/educational assistance, tutoring, and mentoring to students.  

Continuing Education Participants have the opportunity to participate in academic continuing education classes through Sunbridge Institute, Rockland Community College, St Thomas Aquinas College, and the Otto Specht School. Online academic opportunities with support are also an option. Each program in designed based on each individual’s interests.

Sample Schedules for three Endeavor 21+ Participants