Endeavor 21+ at the Threefold Community

Educational, Vocational, and Support Services for People with Special Needs in an Integrated Community


Endeavor 21+ actualizes integration by offering adults of all abilities, including young adults with developmental and cognitive disabilities, to learn from, work at, live in, and contribute to the broader Threefold Community. Endeavor 21+ offers BOTH Residential and Day programs for adults who have aged out of the traditional school system. The Endeavor 21+ program is a natural extension of the mission of the Otto Specht School and its aging student population. The Threefold Community campus is located on 200+ acres in Rockland County, New York.



The mission of Endeavor 21+ is to make possible a self-sufficient and positive future for adults of all abilities, including those with developmental delays, learning challenges, and sensory imbalances, to thrive in typical work and social settings. To this end, Endeavor 21+ provides innovative programming in a safe and integrated environment. We emphasize the healing nature of practical work, artistic activities, and caring for others. Our young adults learn and work on a farm, in craft shops, and with the 150+ elderly residents in our community. This innovative approach recognizes the potential of each individual, and we support guiding their journey toward self-development and independent functioning in the world.

Our Future

Combined Otto Specht School + Endeavor 21+ Building by Charles Rose Architects

Combined Otto Specht School + Endeavor 21+ Building by Charles Rose Architects